Operation Enduiring Freedom OEF Veteran Paracord Survival Bracelet


$ 24.95 $ 34.95

Description: OEF Bracelet W/Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle
Buy it here and help us keep disabled veterans employed!
The same quality and craftsmanship seen at other sites for a fraction of the cost.
Our bracelets are made in America by disabled veterans using American made products.
Features a stainless steel adjustable shackle
Comes in desert camo, coyote brown, and tan paracord. These bracelets are used by survivalists, military, hunters and outdoorsmen. In an emergency situation, the bracelet can be cut at one end giving you several feet of cord to use. You can get them to show support for you favorite team or just to show your favorite colors.
All bracelets are custom assembled to your specifications.
Pick each cord color individually for the inside, outside, and center stripe.
Made from real military parachute (550 lb.) cord and durable metal shackle.
Sizes shown are in inches (your wrist measurement). Please ensure that you measure your wrist! All bracelets are custom fit to your specifications.
Measurement instructions: Measure your wrist diameter by using a string to wrap around the wrist until it is snug, mark the string where you want it to fit, then take the string and measure the length from the end to your mark, the number will correspond to the sizes listed in the size box.
Thank you for ordering!

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